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About Us Dedicated to health and wellbeing of patients and consumers

Our Vision

  • Leaders in the Pharmaceutical Division in the South Pacific
  • Brand Leaders in Categories of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) we enter in.


Our Values

  1. Put patients and consumers welfare and benefit at the forefront of our activities.
  2. Continuously instil processes to ensure ethical, fair and transparent business dealings with external parties.
  3. Aspire to high standards in our internal processes and with appropriate controls.
  4. Commit to employee education and training to help them realize their full potential. To nurture a culture of openness, collaboration and non-hierarchal relationships, allowing employees to experiment with innovative ideas.
  5. Encourage acts of corporate social responsibility possible within our means.
  6. Strive to work with our customers, suppliers and partners in a collaborative and responsive way to reach a win-win outcome.


A Brief History

Makans commenced operations in the late 1970’s as a pharmaceutical distribution company in Fiji with the aim of providing access to high quality medicines to serve the health needs of the people.

Over the 1980’s, the pharmaceutical wholesaling operation expanded over a wider range of pharmaceuticals, medical consumables and other consumer healthcare products, as well as exporting to other South Pacific islands.

From late 1990’s, there was a decision made to develop the consumer division of Makans whereby beauty/personal care products and other fast-moving consumer goods were added to the portfolio.

Over the years, Makans has not only expanded it licenced products for sales and marketing, but also increased its focus on own product and brand development in both the healthcare and consumer segments.


What We Do

Makans has 2 divisions:

  • Healthcare division: that develops, markets and supplies medicines, medical consumables and other healthcare products
  • Consumer Division: that develops, markets and supplies fast moving consumer goods and beauty/personal care products

Makans is committed to continuous product innovation to meet the health needs of the community as well as satisfy consumer needs and well-being.

Our success is based on delivering high quality products and providing unsurpassed customer service.

How do we do it? By working very hard, thinking about our customers’ needs, and collaboration. We do it by treating the customers as well as each other with respect.  We do it by acting as a team.