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Collaboration Partnering to create value for all

As one of the core activities of Makans, we believe in partnering with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders in a long term strategic relationship to help drive value for all, as well as improve health and wellbeing of the patients and consumers.

Such partnership can be with:

  • Suppliers – to help develop a sustainable business for your product range in the region
  • Customers – to provide business and supply solutions to drive your business growth
  • Consumers – to provide information on the products and to better understand your needs
  • Professional Groups/Others – to participate in and provide support to meet the health and well-being needs of your constituents and achieve the aims of your organization.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Makans, we are committed to supporting initiatives to advance positive change both socially and environmentally. Knowing that our behavior affects all of our stakeholders (including customers, employees, communities, suppliers, partners and shareholders), we seek to ensure our business decisions incorporate consideration of their well-being.

We are passionate about our efforts to bring about improvement for the benefit of the patients and consumers through ethical and transparent practices.